Lama Rod Owens

‘When I am speaking about sangha, I am reminding people that when we gather together as a community of spiritual practitioners, we take on a special purpose. We are no longer an ordinary community. We are more than just blood family or an activist affinity group. We are people consenting together to help another obtain spiritual realization. No one has to like anyone. I have been in spiritual communities where there have been people I wouldn’t call a friend. However, what makes sangha important is that I can recognize that I don’t like soomeone, maybe put up some boundaries that protect our relationship from becoming violent, while focusing on my love for that person. Again, when I love, I am accepting someone and wanting them to be happy. We don’t have to like someone to love them. I think this is somuch of what makes the spiritual community important.’ (Love and Rage)

I entirely agree, and I suspect have said as much elsewhere here over the years.

One thought on “Lama Rod Owens

  1. We are all The Human Family. As much as I would love to spank some members bottom (and often I do) we all deserve too be treated with common decency.


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