Tending Each Moment

After last week’s relatively dreary weather, it has been wonderful to experience the temperatures rising, and the skies clearing in San Francisco. This feels like the unfurling of spring, fully manifested by the beautiful snapdragon on our deck. The birds have been abundant, with, in recent days, the robins loudest of all in the nearby trees. The moon has appeared, half full, in the bright morning sky. All reminders of other cycles continuing, as we remain mostly sequestered, with no exit strategy being laid out yet.

I continue to sit every day, with Core, with Zachary (on the deck this week, where I sweltered), with the group in Hebden Bridge (and elsewhere) again this week. I will be giving a talk for the group next week. These sittings, this watching of the small signs of spring, and some hours spent riding my bike are my way of taking care of myself in these unprecedented times. I feel lucky that I know nobody in my immediate circle who is sick, and San Francisco feels at a remove from the intense crises being played out elsewhere.

Still, the news is hard to endure. I find my appetite for updates slowly shrinking, but have read many things worth spending time over: a rousing editorial for the ages in the New York Times; Zadie Smith’s corruscating take on things in the US; thoughts about mental well-being, a wider ecological view; and, if you want to change the scale of your perception entirely, a quick look at how the universe might have had some luck in being formed the way it has.

Most moving of all for me, though, was this interview with Jack Kornfield. i have heard him speak on several occasions, but here he seems to articulate beautifully all the reasons why Buddhist practice is a way to keep ourselves going no matter what is happening to us – by noticing how we tend each moment.

IMG_3652.jpgThe view downtown from Twin Peaks on Monday afternoon.

IMG_3644Blossoms in the city.

IMG_3678.jpgThe snapdragon a week on – no sign of the hummingbirds feeding from it yet.

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