Dale S. Wright

‘”Emptiness,” the connectedness of all things, deepens everything by disclosing the complex foundations upon which all things arise. Seeing these complexities more clearly, bodhisattvas recognize that the best intentions behind the rules will not always be fulfilled by inflexible application. Occasionally some other course of action is more effective in pursuing the highest good, and wisdom is the ability to see when and where that is so.’ (The Six Perfections)

To which I will add, as we discussed in my student group recently, that ensuring our ego is not ensnared with what we perceive to be the highest good is also wise.

One thought on “Dale S. Wright

  1. My ego. Whether it is force to be reckoned with or is just delusion, I find myself slipping back into old patterns of habit that are not at all helpful. If I confess my error and repent of my ill will can I then make the effort to return, return, and return again to ways that are more in tune with the buddha nature and the greater good? I will need the help of something greater than “myself”.


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